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Western Renaissance   Code: GVF117

This is a ‘Western’ programme like no other! To coincide with the return to the main line of this type, Western Renaissance’ features unpublished and recently unearthed cine film of their final years. As a bonus feature we include views of the main line return of D1015 after 25 years.
A masterpiece – Diesel Traction Group

Comments from popular rail magazines:

Rail Express: Don’t they sound fabulous
Traction:  A Western Sensation
Brilliant – Western Locomotive Association
Full colour, captions & informative commentary. Duration 62 mins

Western Heroes  Code: GVF125

AT LAST – the long awaited follow-up to the record braking Western Renaissance DVD.
In addition to the ever popular Western class locomotives, WESTERN HEROES features Warships, Hymeks and even a sprinkling of North British Type 2 locomotives. Just some of the highlights are: DOUBLE-headed and TRIPLE-headed Warships on the Cornish Riviera Express; green and blue Hymeks on freight and passenger workings, even double headings with steam; WESTERN RANGER only 2 months old; a visit to Swindon Works in 1968; Western Firebrand on the Hayle Wharf branch; D800 on passenger duty & FALCON in full flight. This programme features more than 50 different Westerns on film!

Full colour, captions & informative commentary. Duration 57 minutes

Western Legacy  Code: GVF131

Truly marvellous scenes from the 1960s & 1970s of the Western Region’s famous diesel-hydraulics in action. Westerns in all liveries, Warships on the Waterloo route, at Bristol, and in the West Country including scenes of D600s in Devon & Cornwall. Hymeks at Paddington, Gloucester, Bristol and in South Wales. A day at Reading in 1972. Laira sheds in 1972. ‘Falcon’ at Peterborough. A visit to Swindon Works in 1967. Plus much more.

Comments from popular rail magazines
Rail: Immensely enjoyable
Heritage Rail: A magnificent collection of archive offering
 Full colour, captions & informative commentary. Duration 57 minutes

Western Blues   Code: GVF137

A look at the famous ‘Western’ diesel locomotives in their last four years of operation on British Rail, with scenes from around the region guaranteed to bring back glorious memories from a wonderful era!
We start the programme with scenes from 1974, at a time when only a handful of the class had fallen by the wayside; and when railway enthusiasts of the day were happy to travel hundreds of miles for a glimpse of the ‘Westerns’ in action. Into 1975 and the rundown gains pace. Who could forget that long hot summer of 1976, the last full year of operation of the Westerns, and a period that saw more than a third of the whole class withdrawn. Finally, we see views of their final duties in 1977.
Comments from popular rail magazines
Traction: Another superb archive treat – lap it up!
Full colour, captions & informative commentary. Duration 62 minutes

Western! Code ZFD200

Produced by Foretrak Pictures, this programme features wonderful scenes from the early hydraulic years and includes the whole range of ‘Western’ liveries as the D1000’s share space with other diesel-hydraulic types. The film also includes interviews with ex-BR staff involved in the introduction of the ‘Westerns’ and with acknowledged expert Adrian Curtis. This gives us a fascinating insight into the thoughts and motives behind the ‘Western’ project and even the chance of names for the locomotives

Full colour, captions & informative commentary. Duration 36 minutes

Cab Ride Compendium – The Western Way  GVF135
This DVD contains no less than 6 different cab rides in classic R.R diesel motive power.
Chapter 1  50018+50049 between Exeter and Salisbury with a Waterloo service in June 1991.
Chapter 2  Up front in 47573 heading over the Devon Banks from Plymouth to Newton Abbot.
Chapter 3  An exclusive journey with D832 from Bury to Rawtenstall on the East Lancs Railway.
Chapter 4  Sample the view from the cab of D1013 Western Ranger on the Severn Valley Railway.
Chapter 5  Travel from Bristol to Bath in the driving cab of a Blue Pullman as it heads for London.
Chapter 6  33108 & 33114 take us westwards from Exeter on the old LSWR route in charge of 20 empty soil wagons
Comments from popular rail magazines:
Traction: An entertaining mix

Full colour, with detailed captions Duration 105 minutes

Drawing the Juice DVD Code GVF126

With so much attention paid to the classic diesel types, it’s easy to forget the sterling performance put in by the electric locomotive fleet. With the wholesale reduction of these types now in hand, the time is right to look back at the range of mainline electric types that have run in Britain. Featured are classes 71, 73, 76, 77 as well as the AC electric fleets represented by classes 81-92. Highlights include 71s on the Golden Arrow , all of the 77s in action and 86s from new

Comments from popular rail magazines:
Rail Express: Who would have thought it? A great video on electrics! Wonderfully Nostalgic

Full colour and detailed captions with brief commentary. Duration 91 minutes