The Diesel & Electric Diaries Volume 7 - Railway DVD



 The Diesel & Electric Diaries Volume 7

We start volume 7 at York in the period 1986 to 1990 to witness the final days ‘Peak’ diesels, still handling mainline passenger work right to the end, and then see the transition period leading to sectorisation.

Chapter 2 takes us to Stafford in the summer of 1989, and it’s not just electric locomotives in evidence, as 20s, 31s, 37s & 47s also appear beside the class 81,85,86,87 & 90s on passenger and freight duties.

Finally, we look at Derby & Nottingham station scenes in 1991-1992, together with an interlude at Trent Junction, and then scenes filmed inside and around Toton traction depot.

Released October 2009
Digitally edited, detailed captions and brief commentary. Running time 65 mins.

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What the Press say..........

For most enthusiasts the chance to board a time machine to re-visit one of Britain's major railway centres is one invention we wished existed. However, at least we have film taken by enthusiasts back in the days when a large variety of different types of locomotive were at work on a daily basis.

The scenes in this DVD have been digitally edited and include on-screen detailed captions of the date, locomotive number and train working. There's a clear but brief commentary. The film quality is good with correct rendition of colours, whilst care has clearly been taken during the original filming of the scenes. The sound quality is excellent and really evokes the period; the sound of hard working diesels at York sent shivers down the spine of the reviewer.

Volume 7 starts with sequences at York in the period 1986 to 1990 with scenes of the final days of the Peaks and class 47s on Trans-Pennine and cross-country services, including the, then common, loco changes. Then the viewpoint moves to the south end of the station at Holgate Junction and shows the transition period leading up to the sectorisation of feight services with class 20, 31, 37 and 56 on a variety of workings.

In the second section, filming was at Stafford in the summer of 1989 with plenty of both diesel and electric locomotives in action; Classes 20, 31, 37 and 47 appear as well as electrics from Classes 81, 85, 86, 87 & 90 on passenger and freight duties.

The last chapter looks at Derby and Nottingham station in 1991 and 1992 with views of class 20s heading to Skegness, together with a spell at Trent Junction watching freight action, and scenes filmed in and around Toton Traction Maintenance Depot.

In the absence of a time machine DVDs such as this are perhaps the best way to step back into those lost years .


Editor, Traction Magazine #213, June 2013

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