Pathfinder - The Sequel - Railway DVD



Produced by GLOBE VIDEO FILMS and released November 2001.


Features diesel, electric & and steam tours operated by Pathfinder Tours from the period 1992-2001.
(Ratio of diesel/electric to steam is approx 70/30)

59 different railtours appear and in many cases several scenes represent each tour.

Video carries full detailed captions and includes informative commentary.

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The Tours that feature are as follows (in chronological order) :

Two Roses Voyager 19-Jul-92
Minster Marauder 07-Nov-92 *
The Cottam Picker 28-Nov-92 *
Severn Slapper 02-May-93
Bishops Triple 05-Jun-93 *
Skirl Revisited 11-Jun-93 *
Grampian Highlander 05-Aug-94 *
Marsh 'n' Moor 25-Mar-95 *
GM Gyrator 04-Jan-97 *
Fenland Excursioner 12-Jul-97
Duchy Deltic 23-Aug-97 *
Crompton Culminator 06-Sep-97
Meldon Meanderer 25-Oct-97 *
Rex Ham 28-Feb-98 *
Barrow Buoy 25-Apr-98
Cornish Gnome 03-May-98
Par-King Pioneer 09-May-98
Mersey-Dee 06-Jun-98
Birthday Bash 13-Jun-98 *
Penzance Pirate 19-Sep-98 *
Falmouth Packet 20-Sep-98 *
Cheshire Mole 07-Nov-98 *
Yorkian Gargoylian 13-Feb-99
Merchant Sailor 13-Mar-99
Wey-Farer 02-May-99 *
Kent Coasterman 08-May-99
Eclipse Special 11-Aug-99
Parkan Ride 18-Sep-99
Tyne Tees Venturer 30-Oct-99
The Crompton Collier 20-Nov-99
Capital Scotsman 27-Nov-99
Urban Suburban II 27-Nov-99
The Centenarian 29-Dec-99
Weaving Weasel 26-Feb-00 *
Dorset Mariner 15-Apr-00
Cleveland Crusader 22-Apr-00
Torbay Quarryman 14-May-00 *
Severn-Dee Borderer 29-May-00
The Shakespeare Flyer 15-Jul-00
Anglian Capitalist 05-Aug-00
Ynys Mon Express 28-Oct-00
Power Porter 06-Jan-01
Mancunian Marauder 27-Jan-01 *
Cumbrian Mountain Express 10-Feb-01
Merseyside Beat 17-Feb-01 *
Double Duchy 07-Apr-01 *
Marshes Marauder 07-Apr-01
Torbay Limited 14-Apr-01
Nene Navigator 21-Apr-01
The Settle & Carlisle exc 07-May-01
Capital Castles 19-May-01
Tyke Trekker 26-May-01
(N)Onllwyn Orbiter 02-Jun-01
Cumbrian Mountain Expr 23-Jun-01 *
Cornish Excursion 30-Jun-01
Ayr Liner 14-Jul-01
Cumbrian Moutain Expr 28-Jul-01
Poly-Granite 01-Sep-01 *
Severn Coast Express 27-Sep-01 *

* 2 or more different scenes of the train at different locations.

Reproduction is in stereo and approx running time is 83 minutes.

What the Press Say:
‘The usual high standard of camerawork and narration’ – Traction magazine

See sample on YouTube


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