Fifty Fifty-Eights Class 58 Diesel Locomotives - Railway DVD

  Fifty Fity-Eights



 Fifty Fifty Eights

 We are proud to present Fifty Fifty Eights - a brand new release from Globe Video Films, in partnership with our friends at Ranwell Video – who we thank for their superb footage.

 Released in April 2020, Fifty Fifty Eights is a must see for any diesel Class 58 enthusiast or for anyone interested in heavy duty and colliery locos around the time of the 1980s.

 Within this captivating programme we look back at the history of the class when they were in traffic around the UK, focusing much on the Worcestershire area.

Class 58 Locomotives were used particularly on freight duties but primarily used to transport coal to fuel stations. With coal being used less and less as a means of fuel, the class soon became deployed on various other freight workings to help provide much needed income. However, in 1999 the Class Fifty Eight reached the end of its busy working life and was retired from traffic being sent back to Doncaster to be stored.

This programme is approximately 45 minutes long and shows in detail just how hard the class worked when they were in service with British Rail.  



An unusual and informative watch!


DVD duration: 45 minutes approx

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